Adam Albrecht

ruby & javascript developer in columbus, ohio.

A Better Date Picker in Angular.js

UPDATE (March 14th, 2015)

When I first wrote this library, I didn’t have a great understanding of the ngModelController API, nor good directive design. So I wouldn’t recommend this library anymore. I started on a replacement library here, though it’s not quite ready for production use.

I wasn’t particularly happy with any of the datepicker directives out there for Angular.js, so I decided to build one myself. I did it out of a need on my current project but also because I wanted to learn the ins and outs of directives. You can find the library on Github.

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How to Auto-Save your model in Angular.js using $watch and a Debounce function.

The Problem

Currently, I’m working on an Angular app that is very form-centric. Fields and fields and more fields. I want to make the form-filling process as quick and painless as possible, so I’m trying to implement auto-save.

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